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The Corfu Kerkyra Island

The legendary island of Corfu, celebrated ancient Greek poet Homer and Apollonius of Rhodes, is rightly called a small paradise on earth: the crystal clear waters, picturesque bays, magnificent sandy or pebble beaches, lush vegetation, ending at the edge of the sea, and of course, the hospitality and friendliness of local people - the descendants of the legendary feaktsiytsev, born, according to myth, the god of drops of blood of Uranus. It is in Corfu brave Argonauts found refuge hiding from the king of Colchis Eeta chase. Feakiytsy kidnappers were warmly received the Golden Fleece, and the ruler of Corfu alkynes blessed marriage beautiful sorceress Medea, daughter of Eeta, and brave Argonaut Jason.

Surrounded by olive and cypress forests, fragrant flowers of orange and lemon, Corfu became a favorite place of romance: historical relics in combination with the enchanting natural splendor the imagination! Rugged picturesque coves, sheltered by the island and tends to solitude loving couple, and a merry, noisy company, and respectable lovers of quiet, intelligent entertainment.

Island Greece is famous for its security: You can safely leave your car open as well as home. Tourists who come to Corfu after Turkey, Egypt and other countries are discovering the freedom to go to independent travel around the island. Everywhere they will be greeted with warm hospitality and unobtrusive can enjoy its historical monuments and beautiful nature.

It's hard not to fall in love this nature, Greek cuisine, life after the first visit to Corfu. Along with real estate object you get the sea, sun, air and amazing tmosferu Greek prosperity.

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