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In light of the events that have affected the country's most successful resort, Greece took the leading position in the global tourism industry. In order to more fully disclose the potential resort the Government creates an enabling environment for local and foreign investment. Ironically, the economic crisis played into the hands of investment attractiveness of Greece, real estate prices here have reached its lower limit. In addition, an important factor, particularly for Russian businessmen is still a great climate and wonderful natural beauty.

Ancient Greece has made an invaluable contribution to European culture. Literature, architecture, philosophy, science, system state, law, art, laid the foundation of modern European civilization. The citizens of this country, located at the crossroads of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa, and founded a democratic society in which leaders are elected by people. Hundreds of books have been written about the history of this wonderful state, at the same time modern Greece a little familiar to most of our countrymen.

The standard of living in Greece is much higher than in the former socialist countries. Absolutely in every village there is infrastructure - hospitals, clinics, schools, nurseries, paved roads, telecommunications, the Internet. However, the Greek people and myself live in affluence. Almost every family has their own apartment, and at least one car. In Greek taverns, despite the crisis, still walk the night, full of bars on the waterfront in advance.

There is another side. For the second year the whole world is watching the situation in Greece. Stories about it do not go on TV and newspaper pages: unrest in the Greek capital, strikes on the city streets. But since historic times, Greece - birthplace of democracy. The only legal instrument that allows the Greeks to influence the government - sanctioned strike. For them it is a civilized, democratic means to defend their rights. As a rule, fights, fires and bloodshed among the civilian population it does not. The strikes were carried out in Greece before the crisis, residents have always taken to the streets with banners against the controversial reforms and innovations, but no one previously did not pay it much attention.

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Kyra Chrisikou Kontokali V15
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Building (m2): 350
Land (m2): 2000
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Building (m2): 125
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